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LG Watch Phone

Gadget lovers and mobile phone freaks around the world will soon see their dreams come true as the release of the LG Watch Phone approaches. Exactly when? We don’t know… but the day WILL come… sign up for our instant e-mail alert (top right) to be notified when it goes on pre-order or sale!

While watch phones were formerly reserved for James Bond flicks, smaller tech companies have been reaching to release the first practical watch phone with no luck. Expensive, cheap and clunky – it simply hasn’t been done. Fortunately for tech buffs everywhere, the sharp looks, capable functionality and appropriate size of the LG Watch Phone will make it the first mass appeal watch phone to hit the market, For Those who don’t like LG phones there soon will be released a brand new iphone 7, Our partner site  iphone 7 price have made a great presentation about this new cool phone so you should definetly check this out if you havent already!

Coupled with a blue tooth headset, the LG Watch Phone will allow for convenient communications with the luxury of wearing a stunning piece of jewelry and without the annoyance of having one more thing in your pocket.

Be prepared to drool. These stunning pictures of the LG Watch Phone concept take a Bond-like technology and turn them into fashionable reality. These LG Watch Phone Pictures aren’t simply wishful thinking folks… the phone is coming to retail stores soon…

But we needn’t convince you… just take a look around and we think you’ll convince yourself that when the LG Watch Phone hits the market it will be something you just need to have!

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